Our entreprise

Bivizio is a technology company specializing in the digitization of ecosystems, the characterization of geolocated strategic assets, the management of industrial clusters and the analysis of value chains.

Our mission

Offer world class digitization capacities for business ecosystem and dynamic networks of entities that want to collect, monitor and analyze data that aims at increasing their competitiveness, innovation capacity, cooperation and internationalization.

Our goals

Bivizio aims to increase the identification and dynamic interaction of members of partner networks by deploying collaborative digital tools and specialized Marketplaces. We also aim to promote the commercialization of products and the dissemination of knowledge by establishing digital corridors between different distinct ecosystems.

Our reasoning

We apply the best practices for the development of industrial clusters and the principles of open innovation in the development of our digital platform and the functionalities that we offer to our users to increase their competitiveness, their capacity for innovation, sales and exchanges by connecting to one of Bivizio’s ecosystems.


Interested in discussing how our digital platform, functionalities and services can support the growth of your ecosystem?