BIVIZIO is a smart platform that support smart specialization strategies and value chain development.


BIVIZIO is an advanced assets management system designed to manage key business indicators, strategic assets and external knowledge providers.


BIVIZIO is a collaborative toolbox that facilitate networking and collaboration between differents stakeholders, create cross-sectoral linkages and foster ecosystem mobilisation.


Offer world class digitization capacities for business ecosystem and dynamic networks of entities that want to collect, monitor and analyze data that aims at increasing their competitiveness, innovation capacity, cooperation and internationalization.


Mapping : Ecosystem Digitization | Cluster | City | Innovation Zones

BIVIZIO makes it possible to digitize and map an urban, sectoral or regional ecosystem complete with its own classification. It also allows the networking of different ecosystems in order to create a synergy based on the collaboration and consultation of the various stakeholders as well as the enhancement of territorial forces.

Cross-sectoral bridges & clusters interconnections

BIVIZIO has an embedded cross-sectoral search engine that is already pre-settled to suggest existing connection between industries. It can also be used to connect different clusters within the same region or at a global scale. Our cross-sectoral tool will help you identify unexpected links between industries and sectors.

Data management system & monitoring

BIVIZIO business intelligence functionality is based on it Data management systems and is data storage capacity. We collect data and metrics on all kinds of members of an ecosystem to monitor, analyze, prioritize and promote information that make the difference in a successful economic development strategy.