1. Facilitate the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your ecosystem
  2. Benefit from an intelligent inventory of sectoral skills
  3. Support the establishment of structured sector networks
  4. Maximize the performance of managers using standardized tools
  5. Create real-time dashboards to measure and monitor key indicators
  6. Improve the overall visibility of the network and its brand image
  7. Increase the quality of strategic information for members
  8. Open the various international markets
  9. Support intelligent specialization processes
  10. Identify investment opportunities (local or foreign)
  11. Provide added value to membership and services
  12. Connect industry to the global value chain


  1. Position the key skills of companies on different value chains
  2. Get a clear picture of sector ecosystems
  3. Simulate different supply chains
  4. Find new suppliers, scientific and technical resources
  5. Be part of a structured sector network
  6. Participate in communities of practice

Comprehensive data entry tool